How to Cut Household Lighting Costs by Half


The right lighting can enhance any situation, and with the range of options now available, there is no excuse for having dull and dreary lights in and around the home. Lights evoke feelings of warmth, welcome and safety which could be a hangover from the days before gas and electricity when the world plunged into darkness after the sun went down. Guests arriving for a party immediately feel part of the gathering when they see lights and hear laughter and music.

Designers Incorporating Energy Efficient Lighting in their New Designs

A properly designed and installed lighting system adds value to the home, helps to create or change the mood in a particular area, and does not have to be expensive to run. In fact, by using Eco friendly lighting options, it is possible to reduce household lighting costs by as much as 66%. With energy costs being the number one expense that householders are looking to reduce, building designers are incorporating every energy-saving trick they know into new building designs.

Home lighting systems can successfully combine a number of different Eco friendly practices to get the desired result. This does not mean that large areas of the home will be without lighting to save costs. It means that every part of the home that needs lighting will have it, but some options will be different from others, depending on the purpose and location.

Set and Forget Solar Lights Great in the Garden

Solar lights, for example, have been around for a few years now to enhance the appearance of the garden at night, and provide very low-cost lighting for pathways. The solar panel absorbs energy from the sun during the day, and discharges it at night in a completely automated process that requires no intervention at all from the home owner. They need no wiring so they can be placed anywhere outside, and with the range of decorative lights increasing every year some beautiful effects can be achieved.

Building designers are now changing their designs to allow more natural light to enter. Dark areas like hallways can be illuminated by the installation of skylights or sky tubes and the use of mirrors to reflect light into dark areas is another way to brighten up a dreary space. Walls that are painted in dark colours absorb light, so just by painting them white or a light colour will reduce the need for artificial lighting.

CFLs or compact fluorescent lights, as the name suggests, are much smaller than fluorescent tubes but last much longer and cost much less to run than traditional incandescent globes. They do cost more to buy, but in the long run, replacing each incandescent globe with one of these when necessary will save money. They do not need any special fittings, and come in both screw or bayonet caps so they will go into either of these types of fittings.

With eco friendly lighting in place around the home, not only will the householder be saving considerable amounts of money on their lighting costs, but they will be doing their bit for reducing our emissions. They also create a beautiful ambiance that everyone will enjoy.

Why Renovate?


Renovating and Extending: Many Benefits to Enjoy

In the first instance, the reason to contact a professional is because they know what they are doing which will leave no room for error. Often DIY renovations can become a disaster and result in spending more money in trying to rectify the situation. For the most amazing house renovations, Jamin Building Design is by far the best choice.

Senior Building Designer Jamin has been designing beautiful state of the art homes since 2005 and luckily for those who don’t require a whole home to be built, his expertise is also offered to homes that just need a change. Why renovations and extensions Often the reason why homeowners require renovations or extensions is because whilst their family home is much loved, they have outgrown it in some way. The love of a home can linger, although the residents may feel the home is outdated. A change may be required to give a facelift and lift the feel of the home. Perhaps the family residing within has become too large for the space and it is in need for more room to breathe. Cramped dining rooms, no room to swing a cat and the absence of beautiful and relaxing living areas will no longer be an issue once you contact Jamin Building Design.

On the other hand, it’s not always about space but about financial wealth. Perfectly good homes may be sitting on more land than is required and the owner might wish to build an investment on part of the land. Often when owners wish to sell their homes they may find that whilst situated in a desirable suburb, the home may be in some need of changes in order to increase the sale price. Whatever your reasons for wanting extensions or renovations, Jamin Building Design will help your dreams become a reality. From the beginning, you will find the process hassle free as all items such as building approvals are taken care of for you.

Designing a New Home Offers a World of Possibilities


There is a wonderful sense of excitement and anticipation inherent in the decision to build a brand new home. Starting from nothing but a block of land lays a whole world of possibilities at the feet of the home owners, and the opportunity to create something that expresses their unique tastes and personalities. Getting a building design that suits the block and the owner’s lifestyle is the first key element of a successful building project.

A drive around some new housing estates suggests that imagination is lacking when two or three housing styles are replicated a hundred times in the same estate. No doubt, this suits some people but for someone with a taste for the unique and unparalleled, only an original design will do. This is exactly what clients of Jamin Building Design get, a custom design specific to their block of land, their taste, their lifestyle and their budget.

Clients Love Designers Who Actually Listen to Them

Jamin and his team love nothing better than setting their creative minds to work by collaborating with a home owner to identify the core wants in terms of interior building features. They will work through other considerations including aspect, roof line and how the natural fall of the land can be incorporated into the overall design. The end result for the owners will be a home that is as practical as it is aesthetically stunning.

The overriding philosophy behind every new home built by the best building designers is that the home should be the centre of the owners’ lives and not just the centre of their accommodation. This approach is at the heart of everything they do. The completed work is not just a building that houses people, but a home that gives off a vibe to lighten the mood and soothe away the day’s troubles, and where comfort and belonging are reflected in every design feature.

New Home Owners Want Originality Within Budget

Whether it is an impressive entrance, an aspect that will attract cooling breezes or take advantage of a fabulous view, or a unique approach to making a feature of an intricately sloping block, Jamin and his talented designers treat every job as an opportunity to showcase their ideas. By working with their clients, listening to their needs, understanding their lifestyles and being mindful of costs, Jamin Building Design has built a reputation for the quality and originality of their projects.

Their portfolio of new homes is testament to their ability to produce something unique for every client. Their ability to work with the natural contours of the land without requiring everything to be flattened has attracted those clients who want something more than a standard project home. Their website at has examples of their work and their contact information.


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